Pronto is a S.A.E Company that manufacture various types of leather shoes, specialized in men shoes, within the last 10 years.- the company was able to expand its branches inside and outside the Arab Republic of Egypt. As well as collaborate with many foreign companies such as the Italian and Chinese companies.- Pronto exports its products to countries outside Egypt such as Turkey, UAE, Kuwait, and Kenya. The number of employees in the company is more than 250 employees and workers in various disciplines.



- Raw Materials: Pronto is always keen to use high-end materials therefore; the company manufactures its own materials in Italy, Turkey, China and Egypt.

- For the adhesive materials they‘re all imported from Germany & Italy.

- Manufacturing is carried out by the most skilled and experienced craftsmen and workers in the field of leather and shoes industries in particular. It is also done carefully and with great care and adherence to all necessary manufacturing methods to obtain a product without any defects, a product that is globally respected and enjoys an international status and evaluation.